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Free Digital Signage

Free Digital Signage

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Free Digital Signage Software

Is the Free Digital Signage Software really FREE?
Yes, the doPublicity PRO Edition software is absolutely FREE.
How long can I use it for and how many Licenses can I get?
You can use it for life with no time limit and get as many License Keys as you need.
What can I display?
You can display Images, Video and Web sites in 1, 2, 3 or 4 section split screens.
Can I display a Scrolling Banner?
Yes, you can display your Custom Message or RSS Feeds in a Scrolling Banner.
Do I need to be connected to the internet to display Content?
No, the software stores all information locally and does not need internet access.
How do I get a License Key for the Free Digital Signage Software?
Click here to get your Free License Key for the software.
Why is it free?

You will notice a small logo with the words 'doPublicity Digital Signage' during display - this gives us some free publicity and makes it worth it. This is similar to a logo you would see when viewing TV channels such as CNN or FOX.

Where can I get content?
doPublicity provides 2 options for content.
Option A - doPublicity software with built in templates
This option includes over 650 pre-built templates can be customized with images and text to showcase any product or service.

Option B - Content Provider
doPublicity's team of designers can create custom content that can be used with any signage display solution. Content can be created from a selection of pre-built templates or custom designed to meet your advertising goals and represent your brand identity.

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