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Free Digital Signage

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doPublicity PRO+ Digital Signage Software

PRO Edition: FREE
PRO+ Edition: $99
PRO+T Edition: $150
- Includes 1 month Remote Service Subscription
PRO+RS Edition: $249 - Includes 12 months Remote Service Subscription
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Multiple Content Display Options
Types of Content that can be displayed:
The software is pre-loaded with 50 ready to use Templates that may be used to create an assortment of customized displays depending on your preferences. Pictures can be uploaded and they will be automatically inserted into the Templates and displayed. Product description and other information can also be entered, which will also be inserted and displayed. The customized pictures and text information can be edited and viewed before commencing display.

Note: Templates are available in the PRO+ and PRO+RS editions only.

Custom Content
The software allows you to upload and display Custom Content (Images / Video / Commercial / Infomercial) that you may have got from an outside agency.
Pictures - In JPG, GIF, BMP and PNG formats
Videos - In SWF, WMV, AVI, MPG and MPEG formats

Dayparting is the practice of dividing the day into several parts, during each of which a different type of Content suitable for that time is aired. Content is most often geared toward a particular demographic, and what the target audience typically engages in at that time. Dayparting is setup through the Playlist Setup process.


  1. A restaurant may display breakfast menu from 7.00 AM to 10.00 AM and then display lunch menu till 3.00 PM, after which they promote their dinner menu.
  2. A retail business may focus on women's products before 4.00 PM and promote products for teenagers and men from 4.00 PM to closing hours.

The purpose of Dayparting is to maximize exposure to a target audience who may be viewing the display screen at different times of the day.

Scheduling Future Displays
The software allows you to plan for future displays using the Playlist feature. Content can be scheduled for display up to 6 months in advance and can have an End Date up to 24 months from setup date.
Auto Screen Turn ON / OFF
The Display TV / Monitor can be turned ON / OFF through the Screen Setup process. This allows you to program independent working days of the week and their respective work hours. This feature increases Screen life while saving power costs.

Screen can be setup to operate from Monday to Friday with Saturday and Sunday being non-operative days on account of weekly holiday. In addition, each day can have separate working hours.

Screen Orientation
The software can be used for either Horizontal or Vertical display. The Display Screen sizes itself automatically and adjust to the correct orientation.
Auto Screen Sizing
The software will auto-detect the the screen size and size the Display screen accordingly. This ensures that the entire screen is utilized for maximized display and appropriate proportion display.
Screen Display Logs
The software logs operating details of the software, which can be used for trouble shooting. The logs cover Date / Time, Function and Description. Screen Display Logs can be viewed through the View Display Logs tab.
Operating Logs
The software logs operating details of the software, which can be used for trouble shooting. The logs cover Date / Time, Function and Description. Operating Logs can be viewed through the View Logs tab.

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